Reformed Millennials

The podcast dedicated to identifying macro 🌊 waves and trends that Millennials can jump on to better invest their time and money.

The goal is to help improve your life and business by being early and right on the trends that move markets, businesses, and the hearts and minds of customers.

We believe that understanding the young generations of our economy is crucial to identify the future. And identifying the future first is the best way to make meaningful money.

Podcast Hosts:

Broc Pacholik

Broc is a long-time marathon runner who’s turned his life long love for the internet and marketing into a successful business development company based out of Vancouver Canada.

Joel Shackleton

Joel isn’t much for running and prefers the slow walk around the Golf course. His day job as a portfolio manager at Gold Investment Management has him managing their Technology Growth mandate while building out their wealth management and estate planning client platform.

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