#19 - Canadian Marketplace Opportunities


In today’s episode, we’re discussing marketplaces. These are the Ubers and Skip the Dishes’ of the world. We cover everything from how they get started (there are only three different seeding strategies), to what industries you might see on-demand apps for next, and whether your Uber for X idea has any merit.

[1:30] - Bill Gurley’s definition of marketplaces - http://abovethecrowd.com/2019/02/27/money-out-of-nowhere-how-internet-marketplaces-unlock-economic-wealth/

[2:45] - Bretton woods agreement - https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/brettonwoodsagreement.asp

[11:00] - AutoTrader the original Canadian marketplaces

[13:00] - Three different forms of marketplace seeding strategies - https://blog.elichait.com/2018/04/09/how-the-100-largest-marketplaces-solve-the-chicken-and-egg-problem/

[18:00] - Identifying the best marketplace opportunities -

[23:00] - Connectcare & Evolution of Services Marketplaces - https://andrewchen.co/how-marketplaces-will-reinvent-the-service-economy/

[30:00] - Why specialization is the correct long term strategy -

[34:00] - Most popular Canadian marketplaces + quick GIM plug https://gold-im.com/

[42:00] - Thoughts on marketplaces that also own the supply.

[45:30] - Predictions on:

Other links mentioned - Mark Mcgrath on Cameo - https://mashable.com/article/mark-mcgrath-cameo-breakup/

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