Aug 15, 2019 • 1HR 5M

#2 - Shopify Vs Amazon Selling

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In this epidsode we discuss how Shopify is shifting the e-commerce world and whether it’s a winner take all market for them against Amazon. Joel tells a story of a family member who experienced the power of Amazon demand in their business.

[2:10] - What companies succeed on Amazon

[3:10] - # of Costco members (comparing against Prime)

[5:50] - The value prop of Amazon Prime

[8:50] - Story of a Hair Salon moving part of their business to selling on Amazon

[11:40] - The modern forms of leverage - Naval’s post

[16:00] - Almost 50% of all people start their product search on Amazon -

[18:20] - Shopify backstory -

[22:30] - The north star metric that Shopify has been following from day 1 - *Amount of time from signup to making first sale.*

[24:00] - Story of how two fitness athletes started growing their brands/businesses on the Shopify platform.

[27:00] - Shopify having the best offer for clients - example of them removing payment fees.

[30:00] - Tracking the amount/individual sites that are powered by Shopify

[34:00] - In what cases does it still make sense to have offline stores? (Restoration Hardware Showroom example, Warby Parker, etc.)

[42:00] - Formula for scaling your product business across Amazon, Shopify and Offline

[45:00] - How Amazon is competing with other ecom competitors, handmade

[49:30] - Who’s surviving the retail apocalypse

[51:30] - Predictions

top 5 ecommerce stores by sales

[chris bloomstran podcast]

Shopify becomes a 300B company


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