#3 - Ubereats vs. Doordash 2019


In this episode we discuss the food delivery space. As Doordash gets set for a Q3 IPO we talk about the story of how they were founded, how they compare against competitors and our predictions for who will win in this space.

[1:30] - Doordash story - How to start a startup video - How I built this episode with one of their founder Tony Xu

doordash original landing page

[8:50] - Competitor landscape

[14:10] - Market size - https://www.statista.com/outlook/374/100/online-food-delivery/worldwide#market-revenue

[18:30] - Who uses food delivery (same chart from above)

[20:20] - What do the delivery drivers think about the different apps

[23:20] - What will happen to the physical locations of these restaurants?

[31:30] - How the engineering teams compare

[34:30] - https://blog.doordash.com/accelerating-our-momentum-f044145071e1?gi=a6a38c9b287d

explanation of cloud kitchens - https://techcrunch.com/2019/02/01/the-next-big-bet-for-former-uber-ceo-travis-kalanick-may-be-cloud-kitchens-in-china/

- Dominos continues to dominate over the next 36 months.
- Doordash establishes dominance in the food delivery space, goes public and continues to grow.


Image result for doordash original landing page


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