Sep 4, 2019 • 43M

#5 - Nuclear Energy Pros & Cons

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In this episode we talk about how the World gets its energy today, how we got here, and what moving beyond a Fossil Fuels dominated energy system might look like. A lot of extra data/charts below to support stats like: current % of world energy supplied by Nuclear, how much we still rely on coal, and where countries are making the renewable energy investments.

[1:15] How has the evolution of how we get energy helped the world progress?

no electricity = low standard of living

[12:30] - With the shale revolution in US do they even need to participate in global trade?

[16:45] - Energy density

France already derives about 75% of it’s electricity from Nuclear.

[18:00] - Michael Shellenberger - environmental policy writer.

[30:00] Predictions: Once the United States builds policy around Nuclear - that will be a trigger event for renewable energy (nuclear) to outperform the market.

Other Mentions

🌏 - Peter Zeihan is a geopolitical strategist who specializes in global energy, demographics and security.
📺 - Michael Shellenberger’s Ted Talk - How Fear Of Nuclear Power Is Hurting The Environment
⭐ - Example of a tech company getting serious about environmental impact and becoming transparently carbon-neutral. (They also share stats on climate change and resources for other companies interested in starting sustainability programs)
📚 - Disunited Nations: The Scramble for Power in an Ungoverned World by Peter Zeihan


1. The vast majority of the world’s energy production still comes from Fossil Fuels.

2. Nuclear as a primary energy source would signifcantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

3. Comparative to other energy production methods Nuclear is statisically less dangerous.

Bonus: The cons are primarily around fear associated with Nuclear and bomb. In reality one of the biggest cons is waste disposal. This site addresses many of the biggest myths surrounding Nuclear energy better.


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