Aug 25, 2020 • 37M

#55 - Could a Biden win be good for the stock market? Also, should tuitions be cut for remote classes or will students ditch designations for Lambda School and ISA's.

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In this week’s episode, we’re chatting briefly about Politics - whether the Conservative leadership race in Alberta has any downstream impact and more importantly, some predictions on what a Biden administration might mean for the stock market. We’re also going to discuss Lambda School, income sharing agreements as a viable form of educating high skilled workers, and lastly a reaction to Jerry Seinfeld’s op-ed in the New York Times on why he will never ever abandon New York City.

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  • Could a Biden win be good for the stock market? (6:25)

  • Lambda School and income sharing agreements. (12:45)

  • Thoughts on Jerry Seinfeld’s NYT op-ed. (25:00)

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🏛️ Could a Biden win be good for the stock market?

For more context on this statement listen to the clip starting at (6:25).

🚌 What are ISA’s and how is Lambda School making a dent in post-secondary education?

@LambdaSchool, put simply, is a Computer Science education with no tuition until you get a job.

Last week they announced $74M of new funding to push forward their incentive-aligned education mission. Previous investors include Ashton Kutcher, Stripe, Y-combinator, among many others.

Their income sharing agreement (ISA) with students is straight forward, except in California. (Austen is their Founder and CEO)

🚌 Who is James Altucher and why is Jerry Seinfeld mad at him?

Jerry Seinfeld was born in Brooklyn in 1954 so it’s no wonder that when James Altucher published an article on LinkedIn titled NYC IS DEAD FOREVER he took offense.

This may be old news to many but Seinfeld decided to write a scathing op-ed rebuttle in the New York Times, linked below.

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Duncan Trussell @duncantrussell
Was truly moved by Jerry Seinfeld's passionate rebuke (…) to @JamesAltucher who said New York was dead. As a realtor it's important to me that people stay in the city and I'm glad heroic millionaires like Mr. Seinfeld are taking a stand.

In this episode, we mention another article written by James titled how to get a MBA from Eminem.

What do you think, is New York dead?

🔮 Predictions:

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  1. Biden wins (listen to the clip @ 6:25 for the impact on stocks).

  2. Tuitions stay flat.

  3. NYC (and other major cities) are reborn as more diverse and multicultural.

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p.p.s. This week’s riddle:

These 5 guys don’t come with fries.
They don’t write hit singles,
or do stadium shows live.
But when it comes to views they’ve got it covered,
53 million subscribers for trick shots -
that’s one big number.

Answer from last week: Ryan Reynolds

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