Nov 5, 2020 • 38M

#65 - What The Presidential Results Mean for Stocks and our Future...

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This podcast covers growth investing in Canada and is dedicated to identifying the latest trends in technology and discussing ways Millennials can leverage them to better invest their time and money.
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In this week's episode of Reformed Millennials, we're talking about the Presidential Election. We give a brief overview as to why the current results are good news for Alberta, we talk about the 3 most important things to markets and then dive into Health Tech and the huge investment opportunity it presents.

If you’re at all interested in some political clarity I highly recommend you tune in for the first half of this one.

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US election 2020: A really simple guide - BBC News

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🚨3 Things That Matter to Markets 🚨

  1. STIMULUS! No stimulus package approval - Trump said last week there would be no stimulus package. The two sides are too busy jockeying for votes to care about the regular people. Moscow Mitch wants 500B and Pelosi has her eyes set on 2.2T. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Trump loses and then signs something all the while battling over the election in the Supreme Court. So it is unlikely that there will be a stimulus package anytime before February, in my estimation. I hope to be wrong because the growth in jobs has been decelerating and people are hurting all over America. The longer a period of time someone spends unemployed, the harder it is for that person to regain employment.

  1. VACCINE!! The virus is completely out of control. The US just crossed 9 million cases in the United States since the pandemic began and are headed toward a quarter-million dead. In September and through most of October, people were eating in restaurants again in large cities and planning trips. Chicago just closed indoor dining. New York is next. And, of course, there will be, because there is absolutely no national, cross-border strategy to test, trace, mandate masks, reduce travel, etc. The President doesn’t even want to talk about it. Yesterday the United States reported over 100,000 new cases of Covid-19. In one day. And it’s not even cold out yet.

  2. Presidential Clarity!!! - The stock market doesn’t actually care about who wins the election.

    It just wants the election to be over.

    So a decisive conclusion this week is going to be the best-case scenario. Look no further than the FTSE 100’s reaction to the Brexit vote and the S&P 500’s reaction to the Trump surprise – both in 2016 – to see recent examples of the exhalation rally.

🐣Alberta - The Biggest US Election Winner🐥

Trump's pro-fracking position is and always has been BAD for Alberta Oil - The best correlation for Alberta’s 2014 - 2020 recession is the massive uptick in US oil supply.


He's the opposite. Nothing correlates with Alberta's demise more than US oil Supply. Stop blaming the Libs.

📃The Health-Tech Wave🌍

Could Health-Tech be the next investment opportunity equal to Cloud Computing?

The point of this group isn't just to point out to boomers how hypocritical they are. The main goal is to identify future market trends and opportunities.

With nearly $4 trillion in annual spending on healthcare in this country, there are gross inefficiencies and unmet clinical needs that must be addressed. The marriage between healthcare and technology will impact everything: how patients interact with care providers; how diagnostic data is obtained and analyzed; how intervention is recommended and performed; and how outcomes are measured and quantified. Technologies ranging from teleoperated devices and wearable sensors to machine learning and artificial intelligence are arming patients and healthcare providers with tools to make better and quicker clinical decisions.

The time for the next generation of health technology companies has come, and we’ll be there to back those visionary founders at every step of the way.

I think one of tomorrow’s opportunities for outsized returns will live in the Health-Tech space. The combination of our obsession with eternity, the capital rush to solve our pandemic and human ingenuity makes this space very attractive.

When we think Health Tech we think:

  • TDOC (professional patient care software)


  • Plastics

  • The intersection of Robotics and surgical tech

🌊 Hottest Links We Read Last Week 🌊

  • NYT interview with Facebook's election security chief. Link

  • Interesting analysis arguing that when linear TV channels move to streaming, their revenue and profitability are structurally lower. Link

  • The Information has a long story on all the friction in Apple's relationship with Foxconn. Apparently, Foxconn gave Google execs tours of an Apple line and used equipment owned by Apple to make Huawei equipment. I'm shocked - shocked. Link ($)

  • Long and comprehensive story on the growth of China's surveillance state (a real one, not a book about Facebook), and how local authorities patch together a vast amount of tech. Link

  • China's attempts to drive influence through fake accounts on Twitter are pretty amateurish so far, apparently. Link

  • NY Times on the professional 'anti-tech' caravan that's now having a go at Google. Link

  • Waymo revealed a lot of operating data on its autonomy trial in Phoenix. Link

  • A US project for a digital, privacy-preserving driving license. Link

  • Amazon is converting dead retail space into local distribution centers. Link

  • Profile of Discord, one of the very, very many emerging comms platforms floating around. Link

  • The US spy satellite agency has offered a cash price for tech that can identify a location by background, ambient noise. Link

The Late Great Jon Boorman:

I know I will die. I know what will kill me. And roughly when.


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