Sep 26, 2019 • 47M

#8 - Innovations That Bridge SCI-FI & SCI-FACT

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In this conversation we discuss disruptive innovation, where it’s currently leading us, and a specific example of how it can be indistinguishable from magic when done right.

[2:00] - A public email thread from a famous VC passing on Airbnb, serves as an example of how non-obvious disruptive innovation is. (Paul Graham has a goldmine of posts in that link)

[6:00] - Josh Wolfe’s idea of directional arrow of progress and the half life of technology intimacy. (Link is to notes from his appearance on ILTB where he gives more context)

[9:15] - Clay Cristensen’s idea of the Innovators Dilemma and how large firms can fail “by doing everything right”. (Link is an overview from MIT including explainer chart)

[13:00] - The difference between a typical VC investment model vs internal Pharma R&D.

[20:00] - The idea of jobs to be done and how McDonalds was able to sell more milkshakes.


[27:00] - Augmented reality vs virtual reality

[31:00] - 3D printing

[34:45] - CTRL Labs

[39:00] - Latch

Other Mentions:

🏦 - “YC'“ - Y Combinator
🏦 - Fred Wilson - Union Square Ventures
📚 - Peter Thiel - Zero to One
📚 - Clay Christensen - The Innovators Dilemma
📚 - Clay Christensen - Competing Against Luck
📝 - Our Research Notes on Podcasts and Books Mentioned.

1. If you plan to disrupt, it’s important to understand jobs-to-be-done and what customers are ‘hiring’ your product for.

Image result for jobs to be done framework

2. The best innovations look like magic. (sidenote: Facebook recently acquired them)

3. Of all the other Lux Capital futuristic investments, Joel is especially excited about Latch (a smart access system for your home).


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