[Doers Series #4] - Ben Francis Takes On Lululemon and Athleisure With Gymshark


Today we’re highlighting Ben Francis, CMO, and Founder of Gymshark (https://www.gymshark.com/). For those who are frequent gym-goers and haven’t heard of the brand, you will. This direct-to-consumer clothing startup has been on an unbelievable growth trajectory with over $300M in sales in 2019 alone. This is all from the very humble beginnings of a 19 yr old college student with a single screen printer and a sewing machine. We wanted to highlight Ben because he’s made some incredibly mature moves in his business, especially for being only 27. He’s not only an incredible operator and businessperson but he’s humble and described by employees as completely “un-phase-able”, as well. I hope you can take something away from his story!

4:00 - Gymshark origin story
7:30 - How they leveraged Instagram in 2012
13:00 - What separates Ben as a leader
19:00 - The mistake they had to learn from in 2016
24:00 - Gymshark vs. Lululemon
29:00 - Brick and Mortar vs. Direct to Consumer

Gymshark’s Instagram -> https://www.instagram.com/gymshark/
Ben’s Instagram -> https://www.instagram.com/benfrancis/
Ben’s Youtube channel:


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