[last week tonight] - 2020/03/08 - International Women's Day, Conference Circuit Takes a Hit, Big Tech Fights Price Gouging, Remote Work Flourishes, and More.


In this week’s edition of Last Week Tonight, we recap how a few noteworthy brands celebrated International Women’s Day. We get Neil Degrasse Tyson’s take on Coronavirus. We cover the knock-on effects of conferences being canceled, predatory ads, and online price gouging. Lastly covering the huge momentum behind remote work because of the circumstances.

Links mentioned.

Time’s Women of the Year - https://time.com/100-women-of-the-year/
SXSW cancellation - https://www.sxsw.com/
Collision conference - https://collisionconf.com/
Makerpad - https://www.makerpad.co/
Silver linings - https://www.getsilverlining.com/
Chris D’elia / Theo Von clip: