Mar 23, 2020 • 36M

[last week tonight] - 2020/03/22 - We've Already Passed The End of The Beginning

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In this week’s edition of Last Week Tonight, we discuss what the stimulus packages are meant to do and how. We also chat about some innovative ways that small businesses are adapting to the shock of social distancing. We round out the conversation by looking to the future and discussing what possible knock-on effects or new waves are being created by the constraints of working from home.

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Links mentioned:

Ben Bernake’s interview with 60 minutes explaining how the 1T of stimulus was deployed in 2009. Link

Microsoft Teams added 12M Daily Active Users IN A WEEK. Link

OpenTable is publishing data on how far restaurant bookings are down around the world: now at -100%. Link

Citymapper is using its data to generate an index of how much people have stopped moving around in different cities. Link