Jun 7 • 53M

Liv Golf Merges With The PGA, Apple Vision and The State of Ai

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  1. LIV merges with the PGA

  2. Apples Vision Pro

  3. Market update

  4. Canadian Interest Rates

  5. Recommendations and Predictions

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📈📊Market Update💵📉

It’s been two week since we last recorded and it feels like a year.

  • Alberta election

  • 1mm Barrel cut from the Saudi led OPEC

  • New timeline for TSLA’s game-changing Cyber Truck

  • Apple Vision Pro release

The Transcript thread explains what happened in markets last week: this time with charts

Bob Elliot Explains why the bank of Canada cant afford to fally behind on its 2-3% target mandate here

🎙Podcast & YouTube Recommendations🎙

  • The King of Real Estate, Sam Zell’s last podcast ever with Meb Faber

  • Ben Thompson talks the future of VR, the tech behind the hardware and the future of its economics.

🔮Links Were Reading This Week🔮

  • For the Dads out there - 10 thoughts on parenthood from Wait But Why - Source: Waitbutwhy

  • “Getting Out on a High Note.” Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin and Quentin Tarantino show the psychological power of walking away at the top. - Source: TrungPhan

  • “The era of Artificial Intelligence is here, and boy are people freaking out.” Why Ai will save the world - Source: A16Z

  • "🇨🇦 Housing Bubble Set to Burst". Canadian mortgage market most at risk of default - Source: IMF

  • “By my estimates, Meta has spent approximately $56B on its Reality Labs division since 2012, and generated about $7B in cumulative revenue over the same period, producing a $49B net loss.” Matthew Ball talks about the VR/Metaverse industry in his most recent post.- Source: Big Techs Big Bets

  • "The Securities and Exchange Commission sued [virtual currency] exchange Coinbase in New York federal court on Tuesday morning, alleging that the company was acting as an unregistered broker and exchange and demanding that the company be “permanently restrained and enjoined” from continuing to do so. Shares closed down 12% Tuesday. Coinbase stock had already fallen 9% on Monday, after the SEC unveiled charges against rival [virtual currency] exchange Binance and its founder Changpeng Zhao." Source: CNBC

  • "The PGA Tour and LIV Golf, the Saudi-backed upstart that sent the industry into chaos when it teed off last year, have agreed to a stunning merger that ends the divide that has dominated the sport for the last year. The deal weds the Saudi money and the PGA Tour name and connections after months of bruising litigation and sharply traded accusations. It also consolidates the biggest assets in professional golf—at a time when golf bodies including the Tour are being investigated by the Justice Department for antitrust violations." Source: WSJ


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