Oil Production Cut, Walmart Dominates Online Grocery, Quibi Launch, Data Privacy, and Tesla Prediction


In this week’s edition of Last Week Tonight, we discuss a wide range of topics including why a global oil production cut was necessary. We chat about the massive shift to online grocery over the past few weeks and who is currently owning that space. We cover yet another video-on-demand subscription service, Quibi, and whether Tesla will be one of the companies that benefit from the aftermath of coronavirus.

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Links Mentioned:

If you’re someone who is currently filling their safe full of gold listen to Chad Carscarilla on the Invest Like the Best podcast. He gives some great insight into three potential economic recovery scenarios and what assets are likely to do the best in each. Link

Will forfeiting our personal data and privacy be necessary to fight the virus? Link

Walmart leaps ahead of Amazon in Shopping app downloads. (see chart below)  Link

Chart of the week:


1. Gaming IS the new metaverse, Amazon will continue to make acquisitions in this space. (they will leave grocery to Walmart)
2. High volatility but no parabolic shifts in the market or oil prices.
3. We will continue to hand over more and more of our data for marginal improvements in our lives.
Bonus: Quibi sees moderate success, gets acquired.

*informational purposes only, not financial advice - disclaimer at end of the podcast.