May 18, 2020 • 35M

#41 - Softbank's Coronavalley and Trumps 120 Tweets

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This podcast covers growth investing in Canada and is dedicated to identifying the latest trends in technology and discussing ways Millennials can leverage them to better invest their time and money.
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In today’s episode of Reformed Millennials, they guys recap the week in the news. As we eclipse the 2-month duration of the pandemic, the news has not slowed down. The topics range from Jay Powel’s interview on 60 minutes to Trump’s 120 tweets per day down to the most important tech trends stemming from the Softbank annual performance report andBen Evans weekly newsletter.

Trump has gone fully into blaming Obama to scar Joe Biden. #Obamagate

When asked what it is: He failed to make any sense at all. Like always.

Trump has also done more work saving the energy industry than the whole 30 million dollar Alberta Energy Taskforce…

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