Sep 12, 2019 • 43M

#6 - Why Should You Care About TikTok?

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This podcast covers growth investing in Canada and is dedicated to identifying the latest trends in technology and discussing ways Millennials can leverage them to better invest their time and money.
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With over a billion downloads and a valuation north of $75B Tiktok is already seen by many as an established social media contender. In this conversation we discuss how media evolved to this, whether companies like Netflix and Facebook should be concerned, and why it might make sense for you to consider creating content for this platform.

[2:00] - Evolution of media

[9:30] - Why was television was so important to culture?

[11:30] - How is Instagram like Word and tiktok like Excel?

[15:30] - Is Tiktok a bigger competitor than sleep to Netflix?

[17:30] - Will Jay-Z and Drake ever be as timeless as the Beatles?

[21:30] - How important is being early to a platform in building your platform?

[27:30] - Does Lasso by Facebook stand a chance against TikTok?

[34:15] - The effects of being “liked” on social media.

[37:45] - Can you get exposure to Tiktok as an Investor?

Other mentions:

📚 - Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman
🔍 - Orwellien
❤️ - Most popular account on Tiktok “Swedish Girls” - *actually from Germany.
⭐ - Gary Vaynerchuk’s opinion on why you should care about Tiktok


1. It’s growing fast. Really fast.

2. It’s popular with a broader audience than you might think.

3. TikTok’s owner, Bytedance, is currently the most valuable startup in the world.


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